Emboodhoo lagoon project – a multi-billion dollar project to boost up tourism

The government of Maldives launches the largest tourism project of all time, a project of over USD 800 million which will become a historic mark on the tourism pathway of Maldives.

The Emboodhoo lagoon project is contracted to Thailand-based Singha Estate Company. The company has plans to develop the first multi-island integrated recreational and leisure resort in the Maldives.

Singha estate chief executive officer Naris Cheyklin says that his firm in association with Hard Rock International hotel group will develop a one of a kind Hard Rock resort in the Maldives consisting of no less that nine separate islands.

“This one’s for folks looking for a complete vacation experience”,

adds the chief executive officer referring to the diverse facilities and entertainment options which will come along with the natural beauty of the small islands.

The first phase of the project consists of the development of 3 islands totaling to about 1300 rooms to be opened in mid-2018. This will bring together a world class yacht marina, a shopping promenade, more than 20 world class food and beverage destinations, a stunning beach club, a Centre devoted to the showcasing of both cultural lifestyle and the underwater beauty of the Maldives and many more.

This project being the first of its kind, the Maldivian government and the ministry of tourism is eager to see this project become a success. The Maldivian tourism Minister Moosa Zameer expresses gratitude towards the investing companies and assures that the government will provide assistance and support any and all such investments in the future as well.

The first phase of the Emboodhoo lagoon project will create an estimated amount of over 5000 job opportunities and is expected to brighten up the central region of the Maldives along with the whole tourism platform even more.