Expansion of Velana International underway.

The ceremony to officiate the beginning of the pile driving work of the newly dredged 693,100 square meter land area of the Velana international airport. The main purpose of the area that has been reclaimed in order to establish a new runway at the Velana International airport to bring some sort of relief to the surging demand that it is currently facing. While the country has been operating with just one international airport consisting of one runway till recent times, under the current Government’s developmental plans, the country has seen runways being established in each major population area and atoll. In addition work is being done in order to bring some of the existing airports and newly constructed ones to internationally accepted standards.

While 650,000 square meters of land was dredged to establish an additional runway at Velana International Airport, MACL reports that 18,290 square meters of land was reclaimed to construct a new Seaplane terminal. In addition to this 13,460 square meters of the reclaimed land is set to be used to build Seaplane Maintenance Facility and the remaining 11,350 square meters to be used as expansion of the Velana Airport Jetty area. With over 4300 meters of pile being driven in order to stabilize the reclaimed land area, the feasibility study of the reclamation and pile driving was done during the month of Ramadan this year.

While the construction of the new runway is being carried out by the Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) of China, the dredging for the reclamation of the land was carried out by Dubai Gulf Cobla, a company with specialized expertise in dredging and land reclamation. The reclamation work which began on 25th July 2016 was completed by 10th June 2017, in less than an years’ time.