“Resigning is not an option. Resolving is the solution.” – President Yameen

In the recent past, cases of gang violence along with political drama has created chaos and worry among the people of Maldives especially the citizens of the capital city male’. Even at this time, where we are going through the aftermath of these unfortunate events the opposition repeatedly calls for the resignation of high level government officials.

“In a situation like this resigning is most certainly not a solution” Says president Yameen regarding the demands of the opposition. “Working towards the betterment off the society is what the nation requires” adds the president stressing the importance of working together on solving the issues our society is facing even today.

The president says that the problems we face today, requires a lot of effort to be solved and it is of utmost importance that we “get on it” as soon as possible. The president demands these issues be made a priority before any and all other developmental projects since the building up of a proper, civilized society is much more important than any other objective a government has to achieve.

“The amount of work that has to be done in order to bring a criminal back to a straight path is paramount. Building of a bridge or 7000 housing units is comparatively an easier job.”

The president says as he urges all the stakeholders and the people of Maldives to put on a joint effort in bringing an end to the gang violence and all such acts damaging our society today.

It is important to note that these cases of gang violence are occurring at a time the opposition parties continuously protest against President Yameen’s administration, wanting it to end and once again seize the governance of Maldives. However, the government of the Maldives does its best to fend off such pressures and concentrate on the more urgent and important matters. The Maldives Police Service and MNDF tirelessly work alongside the people to bring the culprits behind these unlawful acts to justice.