“I don’t doubt the capability of the Police. All I want is justice.” – Anas’ Father

Father of Mohamed Anas (the victim of a brutal death by stab wounds all over his body), said that he has confidence in the work that is done by Maldives Police Service in order to bring the killers to justice.

Referring to some rumors that spread regarding his son’s death, Abdul Raafiu said that any and all statements from the family of the victim will be given by him as of that instance.

“We are all in shock after this terrible incident. It is a humble request from our family that the killers of our son be caught and brought to justice as soon as possible”

he adds as he stresses on the importance of a proper investigation.

Abdul Raafiu also said that the investigation is already underway and that he wants the investigation to proceed without bias and without pointing fingers at anyone at the time.

25-year-old Mohamed Anas was stabbed and killed inside the Litus Service Center on the 31st July 2017. The Police recently announced that 3 people who actively participated in the stabbing have already been apprehended.