Number of court cases at an all-time high

Statistics suggest that the courts of Maldives have ruled in over 20,000 cases in the year 2016 which amounts to the most cases cleared per year in history.

The case clearance rate of the courts is at a surprising rate of 103% which indicates that the number of court cases cleared is higher than the amount of cases filed.

The 20,000 cases finished and ruled in the year 2016 being the highest of all-time shows an increase of 7% compared to the year 2015.

Looking at the statistics of June 2017, 921 cases have been filed while a stunning 913 cases have been finished and ruled in the month of June 2017. However, there are still 8076 pending cases in the courts of Maldives awaiting judgement.

In light of these facts and statistics, it is safe to say that the Judiciary of Maldives efficiently works tirelessly to maintain order and find justice to each and every case by the constitution and law.