“Yaamin rasheed’s death has no connection to a political cause or personnel”- Maldives Police Service

At press conference held today, officials from the Maldives Police Service stated that the death of well-known social media activist and blogger, Yaamin Rasheed has no ties to a political personnel or cause. Superintendent of police Ahmed Shifan said that the brutal stabbing was orchestrated and carried out by a group of extremists who to themselves got the motivation to kill Yaamin due to the assumption that Yaamin Rasheed was indeed a threat and an offender to Islam.

The Police said that the people who killed Yaamin were in fact well educated but has little knowledge towards the rightful path of Islam. A video presentation of how the stabbing was carried out was also shown at the press conference but some of the items have been edited or blurred in order to maintain integrity and secrecy of the case to be prosecuted.

The Police also mentioned that various places including the swimming track and Masveringe park were searched for the investigation regarding Yaamin’s murder. They also stated that some other islands related to the suspects were also searched at that time.

Police officials also confirmed that 8 people were involved in the killing and that they worked in 2 separate groups – one group who followed yamin and another actively involved in the stabbing. They highlighted that cases of 7 out of 8 people have now been submitted to Prosecutor General’s office for prosecution. They have also released information and photos of 3 people who actively participated in Yaamin’s murder.

The officials also highlighted that Maldives Police Service received assistance from agencies of 4 different countries in the investigation of this terrifying act of violence that killed Yaamin rasheed.