Increased import of heavy vehicles along with new developmental projects

The import/export statistics suggest that the import of heavy vehicles has seen a significant rise due to the ongoing Government developmental projects.

This increase in the import of heavy vehicles is mainly due to the ongoing Government developmental projects and the increase in the economic development projects in the private sector. The China-Maldives friendship bridge, Male’ industrial village project, Airport development project, the Hulhumale’ Youth City project and many such projects along with the development of new resorts are contributors to this increase in import of heavy vehicles.

Statistics show that 1047 units of heavy vehicles were imported in the year 2016 which amounts to the most vehicles imported per year in the history of Maldives. This amounts to an increase of 124% compared to the year 2015 and an increase of 360% compared to the year 2009.

Looking at the statistics of 2017, 450 heavy vehicles have been imported to the Maldives till July. Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) suggests that these statistics show a trend in which the import of heavy vehicles will further increase in the years to come.