The President approves MVR 62 million Expansion plan

President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has approved the expansion plan presented by Maldives Police Service in order to expand their Major Crime Management Plan Center.

Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shifan, at a press conference held on Wednesday said that President Yameen has approved the plan to expand the Major Crime Management Plan Center of the Maldives Police Service recently.

The Major Crime Management Plan Center devotes its work towards investigations regarding murder,  drug trafficking and such major crimes committed in the Maldives.

The Police officials also said that the expansion plan is worth approximately MVR 62 million and that all the latest equipment needed to expand and develop the Center will be brought and installed under this expansion plan. The plan also includes budget needed for some special training required for the Police staff who will be working in the investigation of major crimes.

The expansion plan will be completed in an estimated time of 1 year and is scheduled to start during this October.

This MVR 62 million plan will boost the quality and efficiency of Police work even more. As the President said before, the Government of the Maldives will continue to give support and encouragement in any way possible to assist Maldives Police Service in their honorable work.