What the opposition fails to grasp

In this day and age, where we strive as a small nation to building up a young democracy from “scratch”, politics have become a very important part of our everyday lives in the Maldives. One could say that politics acts as a compass during this journey of development and economic advancement.

In a democracy, opposition parties play as important a role as anyone else. Political drama can sometimes be beneficial and fruitful too.  But is that what we see in our country? Do we get to enjoy the benefits that come along with a responsible opposition? Let us look at the situation in our beloved country for a moment.

Political activities and drama has once again brought chaos into our society. The opposition’s target this time has become the brave officers of the Maldives Police Service. The honorable work these “heroes” do in order to keep peace and order in the country has gotten their lives and the lives of their loved ones in danger. Publishing their photos and information on social media has put targets on their backs. Words of anger and distress are being repeatedly thrown at the officers and their families. Cases of assault on Police officers are being brought forward every now and then. But why? Just because they did their job? Because they don’t allow any and all acts against the Government and its stakeholders? I think not.

The opposition has a deluded idea that going after separate individuals in the Police will weaken the Police force as a whole. The Maldives Police Service has proven, multiple times, that this is not going to happen. Not in a million years. Seeing their fellow officers get hurt emotionally and physically gives each and every other officer a strong motivation. A motivation that will keep them on a straight path. A motivation that will remind them of their oath. A motivation to Protect and Serve the Maldivian people and Government. This in turn will make the Security forces of this nation stronger than ever before.

Police take brutal action every time they meet the opposition they say. The fact is, failure to obey Police requests and commands gives the Police the right to exercise necessary force in accordance to the law. Pictures taken while doing exactly so, are taken and posted on social media and “sold” as police brutality. But the Ill speaking and all the cases of uttering slander at the officers throughout the opposition protests, not to mention the physical abused on some Police officers, are given a blind eye by these people. Each and every time these dirty acts are committed against an officer, all they show is patience and respect.

The Maldivian people haven’t one bit, lost trust in the Police officers who protect us from all the wrong doings – protect us from predators who for one moment, wouldn’t stop to think of the consequences on the society before action. Even though the opposition fails to grasp that the Police are not our enemy, I believe it is our duty to thank and support these courageous officers who put their lives on the line for us, each and every chance we get.