Development and stability – The number one priority

The peace-loving people of the Maldives have set their priorities straight. Even though politics have become part of our everyday lives, the true priorities of the Maldivian people are evidently Development, Economic growth and Stability of the society.

The gigantic crowds that came together during the “Tharaggee aa eku Rayyithun” event held today to express their gratitude towards the development and stability President Yameen has brought, serves as confirmation that the majority of the people of the Maldivian population prioritizes these National objectives over any other. Words of praise expressed by countless number of people have indeed shown us what a true leader can accomplish.

President Yameen’s administration, in this short period of time, has done the impossible. Fast tracking projects kept pending for decades and introducing new developmental projects that shocked us all has left the Maldivian people in awe.

Development of the industrial village


Progress on the west Male’ area – Rasfannu

No one believed that the people of Male’ could find a way for easy transportation to Hulhumale’ which is independent of the weather and climate. But to our surprise the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge will serve as uninterrupted transport between Male’ and Hulhumale’ – the Youth city. No Maldivian could even imagine that this small country could own an Airport like the famous Changi Airport in Singapore. But the new Airport developmental projects, when finished, will “lift” up the Velana International Airport to such a standard. This exceptional President has proven that no matter how small or how lowly populated a country is, development can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

China – Maldives Friendship bridge
Airport Development – Before and After

The Maldivian people today showed the opposition and the whole world that they want to be on the line up of the development team. The repeated calls for protest to end President Yameen’s reign were left unanswered by the majority of people. It is true that numerous opposition supporters do participate in these protests. The desperate acts done in the 24th of July 2017 were also an example of this. The oppositional calls for a nation-wide protest ended up merely being a disturbance and an illegal protest held in Male’ of little significance only. But it seems that the Maldivian people have gotten tired of false hope. They want development and stability and they want it now. They want the perks of advanced systems of education and healthcare along with the self-sufficient economy President Yameen has brought us to be kept permanently. The thousands of people gathered all across Maldives today proved that this country supports Development. And that development ladies and gentlemen, is brought by Yameen’s administration.

In light of these recent events, it is safe to say that the Maldivian people have signed up to sail along with Development. To go to the ends of the earth in search for peace and prosperity with their leader and President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom.