Hearings on 4 expelled MP’s finished

Supreme court finishes hearings of 4 MP’s in cases on the Election’s Commission’s decision declaring that the MPs have lost their seat at the parliament.

Thulusdhoo MP Mohamed Waheedh, Vilingili MP Saud Husain, Dhihdhoo MP Abdul Latheef and Maduvvari MP Mohamed Ameeth are the 4 members of parliament whose hearings were finished today. The hearings were held one by one and the Supreme court judge said that all hearings are now finished and that rulings will be issued later on.

During today’s hearings, MP Waheedh, MP Ameeth and MP Saud stated that the they were expelled from PPM before the Supreme court issued the ruling that the MP’s would lose seats if they resign or are expelled from their initial parties. In return, the lawyers of the state pointed out that the members are officially expelled when their names are withdrawn from the election commission’s list of members and that this happened after the Supreme court ruling.

In MP Latheef’s case the state mentioned that MP Latheef was expelled on 18th July 2017 on the request to terminate the membership of MP Latheef by PPM. Lawyer of MP Latheef said that MP Latheef requested for the withdrawal of his name from PPM long before the expelled date and that there is absolutely no way they could expel him for any reason after the initial request.

Privileges and benefits of six parliament members have recently been cut off including these 4 members along with Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed and Machangolhi-South MP Abdulla Sinan.

Elections Commission (EC) had previously announced that these defecting members from the ruling party had lost their seats and that by-elections will be held for the respective constituencies.