“We are checking up on every student in the flooded area in the Nepal” – Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry states that they are closely monitoring the situation in Birathnagar, Nepal where several Maldivian students reside. They added that all these students are safe and away from danger as of that moment Yesterday.

Officials from the foreign ministry said that they are contacting the Maldivian students frequently and that they are seeking assistance of the Honorary Consul of Maldives in Nepal and the SAARC director from Maldives in monitoring the Maldivian students’ situation.

There are 25 Maldivian students living in a hostel of Nobel Medical College in the flooded area. All of the students have now been moved to upper floors as per the Foreign Ministry’s officials.

Heavy rain continues to pour down on the flooded areas and this tragic event has now taken the lives of 30 Nepalis and continue to put more people in danger.