President Yameen will win the presidential elections in “One Go” – MP Moosa Manik

Deputy speaker MP Moosa Manik has said that President Yameen will win the 2018 Presidential elections with just “One Go” and that President Yameen will surely remain as president for his second term.

MP Moosa Manik speaking at the ceremony held to open “Raastas Jagaha” last night also said that all targets set for the campaign of the upcoming Presidential Elections have been achieved and that these targets were achieved throughout the Local Council Elections this year.

He stated that the PPM won approximately 44% votes out of the 67% people that voted in the Local Council Elections and said that the opposition has problems getting their math right.

The Deputy Speaker also said that in the Presidential Elections 2018, more people will vote and that PPM only needs only an additional 11% votes to win the elections. He stresses that President Yameen will once again be elected as President with majority of votes.