The people have seen President Yameen’s Courage and Enthusiasm – Minister saeed

Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed speaking at an event held to open Raastas Jagaha last night, said that the people of Maldives have seen the enthusiasm and courage President Yameen possesses in bringing development and that the people will not be scared easily by the pressures of the opposition.

He mentioned that the number of people participating in opposition events decreasing day by day is a result of the people realizing the positive change Yameen’s administration has brought to the country. He stressed that each and every event hosted by PPM now shows an increase in the number of people supporting Yameen’s fruitful courage and enthusiasm.

He also said that this Government has done things that were assumed impossible by many people in the past and that this shows that President Yameen is a “Visionary” leader. He highlighted that the major changes being brought to the tourism industry serve as evidence to his statement.

He also said the Maldives will not continue “begging” for necessities such as water, oil, and basic food items and confidently said that Maldives is not a “Puppet” state. He pointed out that there are numerous obstacles the Government faces every day and that President Yameen has proven that he can get past any such obstacle in the journey towards peace and prosperity.

Other Ministers of the cabinet along with Parliament Members and PPM officials took part in the event held last night to officially begin the work of “Raastas Jagaha”.