I have no personal grudges against Adeeb. But the State’s money should be returned – President Yameen

President Yameen said that he has no personal grudges against Adeeb but the State’s money embezzled by him should be returned.

In his address at the opening ceremony of his campaigning hub “Rumaalu 2”, President Yameen admitted that funds obtained by jailed former Vice President were indeed not legal and that Adeeb had no option but to reimburse lost funds.

“The only option for Adeeb is to return all the funds he owes the state”

The president vowed that he will have all the stolen money returned to the State treasury. He also added that investigations about these funds will be conducted and that finding the stolen funds is very important so that he could clear his own name and keep his own honor and reputation intact after all the heavy accusations he faced.

He highlighted that the expenditure of the campaign of some MPs was in fact funded by the “dirty money” Adeeb owned and that he urges all such members to resign and run for parliament by their own means.

The President said that JP leader Gasim Ibrahim also owes the state a huge amount of money and that these funds, once returned, would be a major contribution to the development and economic growth.

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb is now serving his sentence of 33 years for his involvement in the MMPRC scandal and for orchestrating an assassination attempt on the President.