National Action Plan to be developed to end violence against children

Gender Ministry and UNICEF together commences workshop to develop an action plan consisting of the roles of stakeholders in stopping the violence against children

The National Conference on Violence against Children is underway at Kurumbaa Maldives in which the action plan for the upcoming 2 years will be established.

Speaking at this Conference, Gender Minister Zeneesha Shaheed Ali said that the number of reported cases of violence against children increases as result of public awareness. Child abuse and Domestic violence are a matter that was kept secret in Maldives in the past. Minister Zeneesha also said that the action plan being established is expected to decrease cases of violence against children in the Maldives.

The main purpose of the National Conference on Violence against Children is to identify the obstacles faced by the relevant authorities in recording and solving the problem of violence against children.

Officials and experts from the UNICEF, Ministry of Gender, NGOs and members of Parents and teachers associations take part in this conference jointly working towards ending the violence against children.

The ministry officials also mentioned that this conference will address the issue of violence against children in a religious perspective and that they will try and “map out” the ways society can contribute in stopping violence against children.