Opposition Journalist’s “Twisted” plot

The oppositional Media has yet again created their “twisted” version about President Yameen’s address in the opening ceremony of his campaign hub, “Rumaalu 2”. Various articles including the one published by the renowned international news agency Al Jazeera have been written and spread in accordance with the opposition’s mindset to demolish the reputation of the President and the nation for personal gain.

“Al-Jazeera just saw boxes being delivered to my residence. They saw nothing else’ is what the president said referring to the controversial report “Stealing Paradise” published by Al Jazeera sometime back. The opposition social media and the Al Jazeera influenced by the opposition promptly twisted the plot in their favor while the president only had the purest of intentions at heart.

President Yameen personally, has not only taken the time and put in effort to find the secrets behind Adeeb’s embezzled money but has faced numerous allegations himself. He vowed that before long he will recover the stolen funds and return it to the State’s treasury where it belongs. He stresses that his reputation and honor being “on the line” serves as more motivation for him to find the money and make his way to the bottom of Adeeb’s heinous plans.

The president pointed out that the so called “Thorough” investigation of Al Jazeera only “saw” bags of cash being brought to his residence. The whereabouts or the expenditure of any other kind were not involved in detail in this report they take pride in. He expressed concern that even the world-renowned news Al Jazeera had only uncovered and published only what the opposition wanted to potray. The money used for personal gains of Adeeb and those near him and to fund the parliament elections were disregarded in the Al Jazeera report. One might assume that this is purposefully done to ruin President Yameen’s reputation and aid in the quest of the opposition to once again come into power.

It is surprising how this statement by the President can be regarded as a confession or an admission of guilt. In the “Twisted” statement, the president was merely referring to an allegation made in the report “Stealing Paradise” by Al Jazeera and expressing concern about the integrity of the investigation. The opposition social media and the Al Jazeera influenced by the opposition intentionally “twisted” the plot in their favor.

The opposition has once again gone to their underhand tactics using international media for their personal gain out of a clean but controversial statement made by the president. Such statements taken out of context, translated and put into different perspectives and showcased to the whole world by one of our own, Maldivian journalist Zaheena Rasheed, is a shameful and disgraceful act. Even though freedom of speech gives every citizen the right to express their views and opinion, it is most certainly not ethical to use this opportunity to ruin the reputation of the Government of Maldives and its Leaders for personal gain and propaganda.

The Maldivian people haven’t one-bit lost trust in their President. The back-breaking work the Government has done on the investigations regarding the MMPRC scandal and the endless efforts President Yameen has put into finding Adeeb’s embezzled money in fact continues to elevate trust and confidence in the President of the Maldives by the people.