President Yameen promises “Favorable” changes in civil service budget in 2018

President Yameen said that the state budget for the year 2018 will be favorable for the civil servants as he mentioned that the Government is working on improving the remunerating framework of the civil service along with increasing the allowances of civil servants.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of “Rumaalu 2”, a campaigning hub for the Presidential Elections 2018, the President said that his administration has commenced work on researching and revising of civil servants’ salaries and their allowances under the National Pay Commission managed under the leadership of Minister Zameer.

He stated that the civil service is one of the most neglected sectors in the Maldives and that civil servants have been forced to work without pay under previous Governments. President Yameen confidently assured that the current Government will ensure that each civil servant receives the salary each month without further delays.

The president also stressed the importance of fisheries sector in the Maldivian economy and that fisheries sector today, faces many challenges. He announced that the state budget of 2018 will allocate an adequate amount of funding (approximately USD 20 million) to get past these challenges.

President also highlighted that all these matters can be handled from within the state’s budget and that loans from other parties are not required for these projects.