Azeema resigns as Governor of Central Bank

Dr. Azeema Adam, the governor of the Central bank, Maldives Monetary Authority, resigns from her post earlier today.

Dr. Azeema announced her resignation at a function held at MMA this Wednesday morning.

She said that the reason behind the resignation is that she and her family were moving abroad as her husband has been appointed as the ambassador to United Nations, New York.

At her speech to announce the resignation, Dr. Azeema said that she believes that she has provided service to the MMA and the government of Maldives to the best of her capability. She hopes that her services benefit the state and people no matter how small it may be.

She said that she was also happy with having established an efficient monetary policy to maintain price stability in the country. She said she was satisfied with her contribution in stabilizing the foreign exchange market and prices. She also mentioned that she was also proud of the Maldivian currency note series with the additional security features and design.

Azeema thanked her employees, the MMA directors’ board and the stakeholders of the financial system for their support and contributions.

Dr.Azeema Adam was appointed as the Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority on the 14th of April 2014.