First Lady launches the National Action Plan on Violence Against Children

The First lady of Maldives, madam Fathimath Ibrahim, launched the National Action plan on Violence against children in a function held to mark the end of the national conference on violence against children.

Gender Minister Zeneesha Shaheed Zaki in her address, said that empowering children in accordance with their age will be a stepping stone towards stopping violence against children in the Maldives.

UNICEF’s Representative to the Maldives Ms. Alice Akunga said that an action plan is only useful as far as it is implemented and stressed that all the stakeholders need to work together to achieve positive and significant results.

The National Conference on Violence against children commenced on 15th August 2017 and ended today through which the National Action Plan on Violence Against Children was developed. Officials and experts from the UNICEF, Ministry of Gender, NGOs and members of Parents’ and teachers’ associations took part in this conference jointly working towards ending the violence against children.