B.Kamadhoo by-elections to be held tomorrow

A by-election for B.kamadhoo Council is scheduled to be held tomorrow.

The voting will commence at 8 am and will end at 4 pm. A total of 338 people has registered for voting rights in this election. The voting campus in Male’ will be the old Jamaluddin building.

Two candidates, one from MDP and the other from PPM will be competing in this by-election. Campaign events of both sides were carried on for the past week or so.

The oppositional MDP, in their campaign, expressed their opinions on the speed and efficiency of development. They expressed concerns about the government’s choices of projects and about the accusations on the President. The opposition also argues that voting for PPM candidates will be of no use and of no benefit for the people.

PPMs events, however, focused on pointing out the enormous projects the government has announced. They take pride in the development and economic growth being brought by this government and highlights that President Yameen’s administration has done things presumed impossible before. They also mentioned that the oppositional leadership has failed them and that voting for a side with no legitimate leaders will be an unwise choice.

The Elections commission and all the stakeholders are fully equipped and ready for the procedures and events that will and might occur in the voting sessions tomorrow.