Renowned vocalist Athif passes away

Popular musician and vocalist Ahmed Athif passed away earlier today while at service in MNDF in HDh.Hanimaadhoo.

Major Athif was working as the Deputy Commander of Northern area of MNDF and as head of security at the Hanimaadhoo Airport when he passed away.

The death of Ahmed Athif was unexpected. There are no reports of Athif being diagnosed with any kind of illness prior to his death. He didn’t wake up in time for lunch and his fellow comrades went to check on him. They found him dead, lying on his bed with no signs of a struggle.

His body is being kept at the Hanimaadhoo Health Center for the time being and is expected to be transported to Male’ later today.

Major Ahmed Athif is popular among the Maldivian people as an outstanding vocalist and as a brave soldier who has a long history of excellent service to the Maldives National Defense Force. Even though he has passed away, his memory will forever be in the hearts of Maldivian people and his inspirational songs will be heard all across Maldives for forever more.