Saudi Government approves 1000 more pilgrims from Maldives

Earlier today, Government Officials said that the Saudi Government has approved a new quota of 1000 more pilgrims to be sent for Hajj from the Maldives.

Previously, the quota of pilgrims allowed for Hajj for this year was 1000. All the pilgrims are now in Makkah under 4 companies of Maldives. 700 pilgrims with the Hajj Corporation of Maldives and the other 300 pilgrims with privately owned companies. 500 of the new 1000 pilgrims will also be managed under the Hajj Corporation and the remaining 500 will be distributed among the other 3 companies.

Officials from the Islamic ministry said that the ministry will assist in the whole process of sending the new 1000 pilgrims to perform Hajj. He also mentioned that the Islamic ministry will be working with the Saudi embassy to fasten up the processes of visa collection and arranging transport as there is only a limited time.

This increment of the Hajj quota by the Saudi Government will allow a total of 2000 Maldivians to go and perform Hajj this year. This is yet again a gesture of good faith from the Saudi Government through the everlasting friendship between the two countries.