Sports Corporation to build the first ever Sports School in Maldives

Sports corporation of Maldives has announced that they are going to build a sports school in the Maldives in the near future.

The main aim of this sports school will be to train and bring up skillful athletes. Managing Director of sports corporation, Abdul Razzaq Ibrahim, said that the opening of this school will hopefully be a major contribution to the building up of athletes for the future.

“Today we give basic training at the age groups where the athletes should be specializing. The crucial age where all basics and discipline should be taught is neglected in Maldives. “says the Managing Director as he stresses the importance of sports basics being taught at a younger age.

He also mentioned that all of the leading countries in the sports arena have established sports schools and well-trained and skillful athletes are brought up from these schools. He also highlighted that the establishment of a sports school in Maldives will give us the opportunity to bring up such athletes in the future.

Abdul Razzaq also said that even though the school’s main focus will be on sports, the compulsory subjects – mathematics, English, Dhivehi, and Islam –  will be taught in the school.