Edutainment and Heritage: The concept for “Rasrani Bageecha”

The oldest and the most historic park in Male’, Sultan Park has been reconstructed and renovated into a modern park following the concept of Edutainment and Culture. Rasrani Bageecha is the new name given to this new attraction in Male’ city.

President Yameen and First lady Fathimath Ibrahim after the opening of the park visited all areas of the Rasrani Bageecha. Cabinet ministers, Government officials along with a large number of kids and their families also took part in the opening ceremony of Rasrani Bageecha.

The park is built and organized in a way that kids and families can come together in one place and enjoy and at the same time educate themselves. Information about the history and culture of the Maldives and much more will be provided from the various outlets assembled in Rasrani Bageecha.

Throughout the Rasrani park project, “Usgekolhu”, the century-old Palace has been refurbished in a way that the ancient memories of sultans come along.  A center for historical learning was also established in the Rasrani Bagecha. A fascinating flower garden and a water fountain are among structures that make this park attractive and heart-warming. A unique Green Tunnel Walkway is also a crucial component of Rasrani Bageecha. A stage drama theatre and the kids’ play area further complete the park.

The Sultan Park development project also contains a snow-themed corner where kids can enjoy the feelings of winter and snow. Officials say that this section of the project will be finished in November.

The Rasrani Bageecha will serve as another place for our families to enjoy. The park will also become a special tourist attraction. The opening of such parks and attractive outlets under Yameen’s Administration has brightened up the Capital city of Male’. The opening of this unique park has provided the opportunity for the kids who live in Male’ city to learn and enjoy at the same time.