Opposition obstructs Parliament session

Today’s Parliament sitting has been brought to a halt just after commencing. The opposition MPs started protest inside the parliament hall even before the session started.

The Opposition MPs kept “yelling out” that the only way the parliament sittings were going to proceed, is if the impeachment vote of the Speaker is on the agenda. Despite the efforts made by the speaker to carry on with the session, all he could manage was announcing the agenda. The loud hollering and the screaming noise made it impossible for him to address the Parliament.

Opposition MP and spokesperson Ahmed Mahloof has said that they will not allow the parliament sessions to go on with Maseeh as speaker. They bring up the issue of the impeachment vote being called for with 45 members’ majority. This vote, however, has been canceled due to the presence of substantial proof that MPs were bribed and threatened to sign the petition calling for Maseeh’s impeachment.

The so-called majority that the opposition has gained is an outcome of bribery. Several MPs of the opposition has already been charged with bribing of lawmakers in the courts of Maldives and some of them are already in police custody. JP leader Gasim Ibrahim and son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, Faaris Maumoon, are among MPs on trial for bribery charges.

It has been 22 days since a sitting hasn’t been held and even today, actions of opposition members throughout the parliament sessions has left the parliament ineffectual.

“The opportunity cost of their quest for power is the crucial work that has to be done in Parliament each session.”

MP Yameen Rasheed expressed concern about all the pending work to be done and decisions to be made in the parliament. He also urged the opposition members to “get off their high horses” and work alongside the government in their work to attain a better future.

The obstruction and the stalling of parliament sessions are indeed ill-suited and ill-timed. The Parliament sessions need to go on in order to attain stability in development and economic growth that this Government is focused on.