Opposition MP Azim Physically Assaults PPM MPs

In the course of protests by the opposition in Parliament today, Inguraidhoo MP Ibrahim Falaah and Faresmaathoda MP Hussein Mohamed Latheef was physically assaulted by opposition MP Ali Azim.

Videos showing the physical assaults by MP Azim has gone viral in the social media soon after the Parliament session commenced earlier today. The videos clearly show MP Azim directly charging MP Falaah with his shoulders several times before other MPs intervened to stop him. Vulgar words were also addressed to the MPs who intervened to stop the assault by MP Azim as they took him away from the area.

MP Azim charging MP Falaah with his shoulder
MP Azim in another such incident that took place today also hit MP Hussein Mohamed Latheef in the face after a heated argument among several members. It has been confirmed that MP Latheef had a laceration on his upper lips due to this disgraceful act by MP Azim.

The non-stop protests by the opposition continue in each session of Parliament. Even today, the parliament session was brought to a halt shortly after commencing the session. Arguments and exchange of vulgar and dishonorable words take place each and every session of Parliament. These heated arguments have now escalated into the Physical assault.

These disgraceful acts of violence and protest have left the Parliament inoperative. The crucial work has been delayed because of meaningless acts by the opposition.