Parliament approves Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu) as ambassador for Sri Lanka

Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu) was nominated as the ambassador to Sri Lanka recently. The Parliament today, approved his name in the session held this morning.

In today’s hearing, 53 members took part per the announcement by the Speaker of Parliament. 28 Members voted in favor of Mundhu being set as the ambassador for Sri Lanka from the Maldives while only 15 votes were needed to pass him through as ambassador. This was the sum total of all the members that were in chambers at the time consisting of MPs supporting the Government only. Opposition members were out of chambers on protest while the voting was carried out.  Some members of the PPM coalition were also absent from today’s hearing.

Mohamed Hussain Shareef was previously the ambassador of Maldives to Japan. He was nominated to the ambassador for Sri Lanka after the dismissal of Zahiya Zareer who was the former ambassador to Sri Lanka from Maldives. Mundhu has a long history of admirable service for the Government and makes an ideal candidate for the ambassadorship of Maldives.