Parliament approves Naseer as Governor of Central bank

The People’s Majlis has approved Ahmed Naseer as the Governor of Central bank, MMA in the session held today morning.

Parliament provided its backing on the nomination of Ahmed Naseer as Governor of MMA by 17 votes during the vote taken in today’s session. 33 Parliamentarians participated in the vote and no Members voted against the nomination.

Naseer was Nominated to be the next Governor of MMA by the President as after the resignation of the former Governor, Dr. Azeema Adam.

Ahmed Naseer currently works as the Managing Director of K. Atoll Investment Private Limited. He has also served as CEO of Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) and at the senior management of MMA as Minister of State at Ministry of Finance.

Naseer has a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Economics and Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Policy Economics. These qualifications and experience make him an outstanding candidate for the role of Governor of Central Bank, MMA.