Gasim Under Custody of Correctional Services

Jumhoory Party’s (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim, after being sentenced to 38 months in prison, has been taken under Maldives Correctional Services’ watch.

Gasim Ibrahim was admitted in the state-operated Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) after collapsing in court on Thursday. Gasim remains admitted in IGMH even though he was taken into Maldives correctional Services’ watch.

The Criminal Court ordered the authorities to lift the travel bans imposed on Gasim and to allow Gasim to obtain treatment abroad. Officials from Maldives Correctional services later said that Gasim’s transport abroad will be arranged as soon as the procedures push through.

Secretary General of JP, Ahmed Sameer, said that documents including Gasim’s treatment history and Medical reports have been submitted to Correctional Services last night.

Gasim Ibrahim still remains admitted in IGMH and in critical condition.