Nasheed Accepts That the Abduction of Criminal Court Judge Was Unlawful

Former President and Opposition Leader Mohamed Nasheed admits that it wasn’t the best decision by him to remove the Chief judge of the Criminal court, Abdulla Mohamed at an interview conducted by India’s renowned news agency “The Wire”.

He agrees that there were much better alternatives even at that time that he could have chosen instead of the removal of the Chief Judge, Abdulla Mohamed. He also mentioned that MDP along with the whole opposition have now learned that the courts should be allowed to run independently without interference and that he does not think that removal of Court judges will be of any contribution to positive change.

“It wasn’t the best of thing to do… I think we could have handled it in a far better way than what was done then.”

Nasheed said, answering a question by “the Wire’s” Journalist on whether he regretted the decisions he made that lead to his resignation.

Mohamed Nasheed also spoke about some future plans and strategies of the opposition throughout the interview. He also highlighted that he will be meeting a lot of Indian officials and respected personnel throughout his trip.

Mohamed Nasheed visited India earlier this week after a 3-year gap following his resignation and self-exile on an invitation to participate in a seminar on South-South cooperation by the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS).

Mohamed Nasheed was arrested and convicted for 13 years in March 2015 on terrorism charges for ordering the arrest of a judge during his presidency. The current President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom and Jailed opposition leader Gasim Ibrahim were also taken into custody by the military on Nasheed’s command prior to the abduction of Criminal Court judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Nasheed was permitted to leave the Maldives for medical treatment in January 2016. Five months later, he sought political refugee status by the United Kingdom. Mohamed Nasheed and other oppositional leaders reside in the United Kingdom even today.