Opposition-aligned Raajje TV COO, Fiyaaz, Not Guilty: Court Rules

The Criminal Court finds Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Raajje TV, Hussein Fiyaaz guilt-free of the charges presented by the state.

The state allegedly pressed charges on Fiyaaz for assault of a police officer which was later reconsidered and revised charges under section 120 of the penal code were sent to court. Fiyaaz is being charged for the events that occurred in November 2015. Allegations were made that Fiyaz refused to vacate the area where MNDF and Police were trying to disarm and defuse a bomb and that he assaulted a police officer in the process.

Criminal Court ruling said that the state’s lawyers failed to present evidence that was adequate enough for the opposition activist and journalist to be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt and that the court dismisses any and all charges associated with the case.

The COO of RaajjeTV, Hussein Fiyaaz was dismissed of all charges with no regard to the fact that he was an opposition – aligned journalist. The Maldivian Criminal Court has yet again proved that all are equal in front of the law and no one shall be punished for crimes they didn’t commit.