Thousands Gather to Exchange Eid Greetings with President Yameen.

President Abdul Yameen Abdul Gayyoom exchanged Eid greetings with the public after attending Eid Al-Adha prayers at the Islamic Center today morning.

After the Eid prayer, President Yameen initiated the exchange of Eid greetings inside the Islamic center premises. Thousands of people lined up voluntarily to exchange Eid greetings with their President. Kids and parents along with all ages of people fell in the line that extended the length of the whole mosque while President Yameen greeted all of them patiently with love, respect, and care. The President also, from time to time paused at several junctions to pose for pictures and selfies with the people as he went on with the Eid greetings. This continued for a long while before the president departed to his residence.

The opposition, in their “back-fence talks” has always been saying that President Yameen is an anti-social character and that it reflected back on the support and his approval ratings. The incidents that occurred in the recent past tell us otherwise. The President of Maldives has proved to be one of the most socially active presidents in the history of the Maldives. Thousands of people publicly showcased their support and expressed gratitude in each and every event that took place recently. Seeing a President exchange Eid greetings with his people with such love and respect warms our heart and the fact that he went to the mosque, prayed and exchanged Eid greetings as an equal without much security tells us how much the President of the Maldives trusts his people and that President Yameen feels very comfortable with the respect and support he has achieved throughout his short term.

President Yameen, in an earlier address, urged the people to embrace the true spirit of Eid Al-Adha and to always work towards national harmony and unity regardless of the cause or occasion. He called upon the people of Maldives to remember foremost that Maldives belongs to all Maldivians and to work towards the betterment of the nation together.