Maldives Military Denies Any Involvement in the Joint Military Exercises with India and Myanmar

Officials from the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) earlier today, said that Maldives has never discussed any military operations with Myanmar and that any report saying otherwise is a fabricated story.

“Times of India”, a renowned news agency of India reported that the Indian Military is going to conduct a military exercise in association with the security forces of Myanmar and Maldives. The report mentioned that the exercised are to be conducted in the state of Pune or Belgaum of India in the near future.

“In this situation where Myanmar neglects the Rohingya Muslim community, the Maldives would not even think of associating with the Myanmar in such a manner”

MNDF officials said, in reference to the report.

This deceptive report in this time and place where Maldives has ceased all trade ties with Myanmar is certainly considered an act against the Maldivian Governments firm criticism and condemn for the violence in Rohingya.

Indian News Agencies, even in the past have shown significant bias favoring the Maldivian opposition.