India to back Myanmar Army’s Operations in Rohingya

India has agreed to aid and contribute to the operations carried out by the Myanmar Security Forces in Rohingya.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his trip to Myanmar, on Wednesday, said that India shared Myanmar’s concern about “extremist violence” in its Rakhine state, where a security force operation against Rohingya Muslims is ongoing.

“We share your concerns about extremist violence in Rakhine state and especially the violence against security forces and how innocent lives have been affected”

Narendra Modi said in reference to the alignment of interests between India and Myanmar.

The violence and bloodshed under the so called Anti-terrorism operations under the Buddhist majority and Government have driven nearly 150,000 citizens of the Minority Rohingya Muslim community out of the Rakhine State into Bangladesh. The ruthless wrath of the Myanmar military has also caused the death of numerous Muslims and injured people by the thousands.