Call for All-Party Talks Left Unanswered by the Opposition

Opposition Parties have left the invitation for the all-party talks unanswered.

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has extended invitations to hold all-party talks to all the parties last Week. The invitation requested the parties to submit their suggestions and amendments in writing within seven days. President Yameen also extended a courtesy invitation to his half-brother and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom who is currently working with the opposition. However, no party has yet submitted their concerns or suggestions within the past week.

The Government of Maldives on multiple occasions have tried to continue all-party talks to sincerely listen and consider their opinions. The all-party talks ceased due to prior conditions put on the table by the opposition which the state refused to meet. The opposition kept on urging the government to let their jailed leaders take part in the all-party talks including the former president Nasheed and Adhaalath party leader, Imran Abdulla and Jumhoory party Leader Gasim Ibrahim.

Minister Shainee on Wednesday said that the Government hopes the oppositional parties will accept the invitation presented by the government to commence the all-party talks. He also highlighted that the government would not take into account any conditions put forward by the opposition prior to the talks and that any political leader who is convicted or incarcerated will not be allowed to take part in the all-party talks.