First Lady takes part in Help Rohingya Campaign

First Lady of Maldives, Madam Fathmath Ibrahim attended a children’s festival held in Male’ as a help Rohingya campaign earlier today.

This event was organized by the people of Galolhu together with the Youth Leaders’ Network. Various festivities for the enjoyment of the children were conducted while boards and banners indicating the condemn towards the violence against Rohingya Muslim community were displayed.

The Children’s festival also served as a fundraising event to help the people of Rohingya ease their pain and suffering. Madam Fathmath Ibrahim also contributed funds to the relief fund.

Ministers of the cabinet, members of the parliament and many officials of the Government attended the event. Deputy Minister for Home affairs Ahmed Saleem said that events are scheduled to take place throughout the following week and that he predicts that a huge number of people will attend these events.