5.5% Hike in Tourist Arrivals

Tourism Ministry recently said that the number of tourists who came to Maldives has shown as an increase of 5.5% in July 2017 compared to the statistics from July 2016.

The Ministry statistics show that the number of tourists who visited Maldives till July 2017 was 770,715 which is an increase of 5.5% of the 730,353 tourists who visited Maldives in the year 2016 till July. These statistics also show that a majority of about 47% tourists were from European countries while another 44% tourists belong to Asia.

Looking at the statistics of separate countries, China, Germany, England, Italy, India, Russia, France, United States of America, Japan and Switzerland are among the top ten countries from which the most tourists visited Maldives.

The Maldivian Tourism industry continues to thrive in its path cross passing the many obstacles that come its way. The Anti-campaigning and Boycott campaigns, sadly originating from within the political chaos in the Maldives, seem to have no significant effect on the success rate of the tourism industry.