Government to Initiate “Island Waste Management Centers” in Each Island

Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim said that the ministry has planned to construct and operate an “Island Waste Management Center” on each and every island of the Maldives.

He mentioned that waste management would become a less concerning issue after the commencing of operations in these centers and that the Government’s “Comprehensive Waste Management Policy” will be implemented along with recycling programs in the islands of Maldives afterwards.

Minister Thoriq also announced that construction of Waste Management centers in 186 Islands will be underway throughout the next year and that the Ministry will make it a top priority to bring these centers to operational standards as soon as possible.

He also added that the ministry will, beforehand, conduct training programs and selection procedures for the staff that will be managing these centers. He urged all related authorities and the general public to work alongside the ministry in achieving the objectives under the waste management policy of the Maldivian government.