Opposition Refuses to Participate in All-Party Talks

The oppositional parties issued a statement saying that they will not participate in any discussions with the government until their incarcerated leaders are granted a pardon.

The opposition, including the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, refused the invitation presented to them by the Government and issued a statement earlier today disclosing their opinion and demands about the all-party talks.

They demand all the accusations and prosecutions towards the opposition and their stakeholders to be withdrawn and their leaders’ given freedom.

The statement also acknowledged that it is the opposition’s belief that their leaders and Parliament Members are being illegally convicted and that the Government has no sincerity towards the all-party talks and national peace.

President Yameen, himself, has extended invitations to all parties to commence all-party talks. The invitation requested the parties to submit their suggestions and amendments in writing within seven days. President Yameen also extended a courtesy invitation to his half-brother and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom who is currently working with the opposition.

Minister Shainee said last Wednesday that the government will sincerely consider any and all suggestions and opinions that come along throughout the all-party talks. However, no party has yet submitted their concerns or suggestions within the past week. The sole purpose of the opposition in this situation seems to revolve around freeing their jailed leaders rather than working towards development and stability despite all the efforts by the government.