Government Discloses List of People Receiving Hulhumale’ Flats

Housing ministry, earlier today disclosed names of people who received flats built in Hulhumale’ under the Sustainable Housing and Shelter policies of the Government.

A list published in the Housing Ministry website revealed names of people who received flats under specified categories 1 and 2. Among these people are, 500 citizens of capital Male’ in need of housing and 161 settlers from other atolls residing in Male’, totaling to an amount of 661 individuals receiving flats in this phase.

Housing Ministry officials highlighted that the list of people receiving flats under this program was chosen from among 15,650 applicants.

The Government of Maldives under President Yameen’s administration has made significant efforts in providing the people of Maldives with sustainable and low-cost housing and shelter throughout the past 4 years. More housing development projects of larger scales are already underway creating more opportunities for convenient housing and shelter for Maldivians.