Ambassador, Mohamed Hussain Shareef Denies Rumors about a Plan to Kidnap Nasheed

The ambassador of Maldives to Sri Lanka, Mohamed Hussain Shareef, on Wednesday said that he has no plans to kidnap or extradite former President and opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed if he comes to Sri Lanka.

In response to the rumors and statements put out by Mohamed Nasheed and his legal team, Mohamed Hussain Shareef stated that Mohamed Nasheed himself, is a fugitive convicted of the kidnapping of a Criminal Court Judge and that it is ironic that Nasheed’s legal team are spreading such rumors.

“It is ironic that Nasheed and his legal team are accusing others of attempted kidnapping when he himself is a fugitive from the law for the well-publicized kidnapping of a Chief Judge!”

He also added that he would not hesitate to use the full capacity of the Maldivian embassy and its perks to apprehend or return any such fugitive if he is asked for assistance.

“Should a relevant authority in the Maldives request the Embassy to seek the assistance of relevant authorities in Sri Lanka to return him or any other fugitive in accordance with our Constitution and laws, all avenues available through diplomatic channels will be utilized to fulfill the obligation”

Mohamed Hussain Shareef also expressed concern on the efforts made by Mohamed Nasheed and his team to create friction between the two countries and assured that no such efforts will be enough to create any turbulence between Maldives and Sri Lanka who has a “multi-layered” relation.

Our ties with Sri Lanka are multi-layered and based on an age-old practice of non-interference in each other’s domestic politics. The close ties between our two governments and responsibility of officials on both sides have been instrumental in avoiding misunderstanding in spite of erroneous claims by Nasheed and senior officials in his 2008-2013 regime.

The envoy said referring to the strong bond existing between the two countries and the age-old practices executed by both Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Ambassador Mohamed Hussain Shareef also thanked the Sri Lankan authorities for the speed with which the requests of the Maldivian government were processed favorably regarding the change in the embassy management and mentioned that he looks forward to working closely with Sri Lankan authorities in promoting bilateral ties.