HDC to Assess Living Conditions of Hulhumale’ Residents

Hulhumale Development Corporation (HDC) recently announced that it will commence a survey to assess the living standards of residents in Hulhumale’.

According to HDC, the survey will begin next Sunday, the 17th of September.  150 surveyors will engage personally in the door to door campaign in order to evaluate and analyze the standards of living, issues, complaints, and needs of the citizens of Hulhumale’. The survey will continue until the 26th of September. HDC highlighted that their teams will be visiting each and every household and will develop appropriate reports afterward.

HDC looks forward to creating a stronger bond between their corporation and the people of Hulhumale’. HDC officials mentioned that they always believe that the civilians’ feedback is an essential factor in improvement and enrichment.

In addition to this, HDC assures that the issues and complaints that come forth during the survey will be addressed and taken into consideration throughout their path in constructing and polishing an astounding “Youth City”.