Three Individuals Charged With Terrorism Over Rilwan’s Abduction

The Prosecutor General (PG)’s Office on Sunday announced that it will officially be raising terrorism charges against three suspects behind Rilwan’s abduction.

The three suspects are Alif Rauf from Male’, Mohamed Noordeen from GDh. Vaadhoo, and Mohamed Suaid from Hulhudhoo in Addu City.

Suspect Alif Rauf is the brother of Azlif Rauf, who was accused of murdering the Ungoofaaru MP Dr. Afrasheem in October 2012. Police had confirmed that the red car that witnesses reported seeing at the scene of Rilwan’s abduction in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale, belonged to Alif.

Officials from PG Office said that the three suspects are being charged with kidnapping or abduction of persons under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The charges are being set referring to article 2(b) under article 6(b) of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Article 2(b) of the prevention of terrorism act states that the act, or the intention of kidnapping or abduction of person(s) or of taking a hostage(s) will be considered as an act of terrorism. And the article 6(b) highlights that any person(s) found guilty of an act of terrorism, without a loss of life, shall be sentenced to between 10 and 15 years imprisonment or banishment. The same penalty shall be passed on those found guilty of complicity in the crime. Person(s) found guilty of abetting and/or privy to such information shall be sentenced to between 3 and 7 years imprisonment or banishment.

The well-known journalist and blogger Ahmed Rilwan has been missing since the 8th of August 2014.