26 delegates to represent Maldives in SAYS

26 delegates of Maldives will attend the ongoing South Asian Youth Summit (SAYS).

The Maldivian delegation will be headed by Aishath Rafiyya and the Director General of the Youth Ministry, Mohamed Ali Zaki. Will represent the Maldivian government in the delegation.

The SOUTH ASIAN YOUTH SUMMIT 2017 is scheduled to take place from 17th – 20th September 2017 in Bhubaneswar City, India. The event is being organized by International Youth Committee (IYC) in collaboration with few national & international youth forum/networks.

The cross-cutting theme of SOUTH ASIAN YOUTH SUMMIT 2017 is:

“Creating a Sustainable Future: Empowering Youth with Sustainable Opportunities”


The South Asian Youth Summit was inaugurated after a colorful function held in Bhubaneswar City where Cultural items from India and Maldives were presented.


The Maldives also hosted a stall showcasing the nature and culture of Maldives in the opening festivities of SAYS. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed and praised the Maldivian way of life which made the stall a huge success.