At Least 7000 Flats will be Provided Next Year: Minister Muizzu

Housing minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that at least 7,000 housing units will be constructed and provided to the people next year under the government’s housing project.

At a press conference on Monday held to address concerns regarding the housing ministry’s method of selecting applicants for the receiving of flats, Minister Muizzu said that, for the housing units to be distributed next year, they will not be choosing from the 14,000 applicants who did not receive housing units from this batch. He mentioned that the Ministry will be accepting new applications for next year’s units.

In reference to the question of why the names of people receiving flats were not published, Minister said that they were ordinary people and therefore it was not wise to disclose their personal information.

Minister Muizzu said the winners were chosen after thorough research and analysis, careful examination of the applications and going to the applicants’ homes to inspect their lifestyle and living conditions.

He also denied rumors that information of applicants was given to personal and political party offices, or that his actions were being controlled by an outside group and assured that the applicants were chosen in a fair process.