The Opposition Coalition Cannot Even Compete With The First Lady and Her Team – Minister Saeed

Economic Minister, Mohamed Saeed, speaking at an event held in HA.Dhidhoo to conclude the first lady’s “Emme Gaathun” campaign, said that the opposition coalition cannot even compete with Madam Fathmath Ibrahim and her team.

Minister Saeed expressed gratitude over the work done by the First Lady and her team throughout these few years under President Yameen’s administration and said that the team behind her has the capability and the willpower to accomplish anything. Minister Saeed mentioned that “under the wing” of Madam Fathun, Maldivian women have become more empowered and active. He also said that the people of Dhidhoo today, showed an example of togetherness and how a community should try and develop as one. He also assured that the PPM candidate will win the By-elections to be held for the vacant seat of the Parliament’s Dhidhoo constituency.

The Economic Minister regarded the opposition as naïve and impulsive referring to the baseless rumors about the bridge that rose during the project. The minister also commented on the slow speed of development under the 30-year reign of the former President.

Minister Saeed also stressed that every time the Nation faces a crisis or invasion, almighty Allah shows us a hero from “right under our noses” and that today, President Yameen is facing internal and external pressures courageously in such a manner. He referred to President Yameen as a “cool” and “humble” leader.

First Lady, Madam Fathmath Ibrahim, numerous Members of Parliament and High-level government officials took part in this event in which a large crowd from HA.Dhidhoo showed solidarity to President Yameen and PPM.