First Lady Concludes “Emme Gaathun” Campaign Trip

First Lady of Maldives, Madam Fathmath Ibrahim has returned from her trip to Raa Atoll and Haa Alif Atoll under the “Emme Gaathun” Campaign. Madam Faathun and her team arrived back to Velana International Airport a moment ago, where she was received by President Yameen and Government officials.

Madam Fathmath Ibrahim visited Meedhoo of Raa atoll Monday morning and was welcomed by hundreds of citizens. The First Lady personally held meetings with the elderly and the handicapped. She also held sessions with Government staff and employees of the key sectors and offices in Meedhoo.

After the conclusion of the trip to Meedhoo, the First Lady also visited the Island of Maduvvari of Raa Atoll where residents of all ages stood together in solidarity to support the “Emme Gaathun” Campaign conducted by Madam Fathmath Ibrahim and her team.

Madam Faathun greeted the people with love and care, listening to the complaints and needs of the people, giving them happy news of the upcoming events and advancements in the primary needs and sectors related to their everyday lives.

As a Final event in Raa Atoll, the First Lady and her team attended a special gathering at Maduvvari in which Several Members of the “Emme Gaathun” Campaign Team and Respected individuals of Raa. Maduvvari spoke to the people.

Madam Fathmath Ibrahim and team, after concluding the trip to Raa Atoll, arrived at HA.Dhidhdhoo on Wednesday during which the First lady met a team of Volunteers, the Youth community and the elderly of the island of Dhidhdhoo. The “Emme Gaathun” Team also held meetings with the PPM supporters in Dhidhdhoo.

As a Last and final event, a special function was held last night at Dhidhdhoo where several Members of Parliament (MPs), including Deputy Speaker of parliament, MP Moosa Manik, and MP for Velidhoo constituency Yaamin Rasheed addressed the attendees. Economic Minister, Mohamed Saeed, and women of the PPM women’s wing also spoke at this gathering.

The First Lady and her team have been conducting a number of Campaigns in which the First Lady, Madam Fathmath Ibrahim personally hold meetings with the common people to hear their opinions and complaints. Holding sessions especially for the disabled people and the elderly seem to be among the First Lady’s top priorities.