Police Inaugurates “Amaan Veshi” Campaign in Thaa Atoll

Maldives Police Service inaugurated their “Amaan Veshi” Campaign in Thaa Atoll Thimarafushi on Thursday.

“Amaan Veshi” Campaign aims to create a safe community rid of violent crimes. Four separate programs under the “Amaan Veshi” campaign is scheduled to be held in Thaa Atoll Thimarafushi from 21st to 29th of this month.

Officials from the Maldives Police Service said that they will be conducting separate programs specially designed for students, teachers, and parents including camps for all age groups of students. A total of 207 Students will take part in these camps as per the statement that was given by the Police officials.

Special Programs will also be held for the teachers and parents urging and directing them towards shaping the young generation with social graces and good manners embedded into themselves.  Parents will also be made aware of the ways a parent can influence in the educational success of a student and hot to create responsible young adults in the near future.

A medical camp and a fitness session open for the Thimarafushi community will also be held on the sidelines of the Amaan Veshi Campaign. Various Sports and entertainment events will also go on through the course of these events.

Maldives Police Service expresses gratitude over the help and support received by Bank of Maldives, Allied Insurance, STO, MAPS, Dhiraagu, Turning Stones, All Government offices and all the citizens of Thimarafushi in the carrying out these events.