Two-Day Telethon under the Help Rohingya Campaign Commences

A two-day telethon by the name of “Maldivians with Rohingya Muslims” Commenced at 9 am today morning.

This telethon will bring you up to date information about the situation of Rakhine State and the thousands of Rohingya Muslims who left Rakhine state to escape the violence and bloodshed. The Telethon will also broadcast live events along with visual media of the events held throughout the nation. All the media and news agencies were permitted and invited to participate in this telethon.

Home Ministry’s State Minister, Ahmed Saleem, while speaking earlier in the telethon, said that the telethon will be carried out for two days so that delegates from the islands can officially hand over the funds raised by them through the telethon. He also mentioned that even though the telethon ends tomorrow night, Government fund boxes and accounts will remain open until the 30th of September.

The “Maldivians with Rohingya Muslims” telethon will continue until 12 am tomorrow night. A special function is scheduled to be held in which the total amounts will be announced and published.